Men bottom shorts "Roots"


If you are ROOTS, wear the ROOTS short made by Beach Team!

Exists in 3 major colours : DARK / RED / YELLOW

Item can be personnalised.


    Men bottom "Don't Speak, Just Play"


    This collection is made with Quentin Marion (one of the best 3x3 french players who had the beach attitude), it explains your attitude on the court : * Humility* & *competitiveness* --> "Don't Speak, Just Play"

    Items that can be customised / can be used as swimsuit


      Men Bottom Shorts "Paris Beach Volley


      Your official short tight of the famous « Paris Beach Volley » club !

      You can also personalize it and add your name and/or your surname !

      Orginal short tight with the Eiffel Tower one one’s side (blue background with touches of white and red)


        Men Bottom Shorts "Beach Team France"


        You are proud to be French and you want to wear the colors of France ? Discover our Beach Team "France" short tight !

        You can also personalize it.